Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are trying to keep as many well patients out of the office as possible. Some of you may have already been rescheduled, and for that, we do apologize. Please know that we have your best interests and health in mind!

The great news is that we have set up options for video visits so that we can continue to care for you remotely. Please give our office a call if you have a need and we will determine if a video visit is appropriate. Of course, if your provider would like for you to come in to be seen, that option remains available. Please know that all of these efforts are to keep you and your family safe during this difficult time.

Please be assured that you do not have to be an expert in computers or technology to complete video visits. We have been conducting video visits for the past week and patients have given us very positive feedback noting that they appreciate not having to come into the office and that video visits are very similar to having an in-person visit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new territory together. We realize that there may be some bumps in the road as this is a new territory for all of us. Our goal remains the same – to provide quality healthcare for you and your family. Stay safe and healthy!


Central Carolina Kidney Associates